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Taste the Language

The Luxemburgish Language was celebrated at the Restaurant “Truck Center” in Habay (Belgium) and Spanish at the Supermarket “Pall Center” in Oberpallen (Luxembourg)

Taste the Language is a Lingua Project, part of the Socrates Programme of the European Commission. The initiator and partner of this project in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is PRO-FIT S.A.

The aim of the “Taste the Language” project was to promote European languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Luxembourgish, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish) by organising “food and language” taster sessions, during which participants learned a little of the language, sampled the country’s products and learned about its culture. These sessions took place in the framework of existing food festivals, promotions and similar events, but partners also organised their own events, usually outside their own institution.

Participants also received a lively booklet about the cuisine and language of the country being promoted, as well as information on local and national opportunities for language learning.

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