Languages – Course Organisation and Rates

Course Organisation

  • Sessions on-request: you can start any time throughout the year.
  • Extensive and intensive training
  • Time tables: it will depend on your availability (and the teacher’s).
  • Location: teaching generally takes place on your premises but can also take place in our offices in Oberpallen (Luxembourg).
  • Number of participants: one-to-one or in a group up to 6 participants.
  • Level: the homogeneity of a group is ensured by a quick test designed by Pro-Fit.


Specific Teaching

Every language course, except for real beginners, evolves rapidly into specific teaching:

  • In the context of tailor-made training, the teacher picks topics related to your field of expertise in order to grasp more rapidly the concepts and vocabulary that will be useful in your everyday life.
  • Moreover, the teacher always includes an « amount of coaching »:
    It is obvious to us that you will use the sessions to tackle subjects of some interest to you and seek advice, for example, about how to write a report or deliver your next presentation.
  • To offer this level of service, the trainer has to dedicate some time to preparing each course so as to meet your requirements on concepts and topics which can prove technical.

As a consequence, the rates are set at:

  • 75€ per hour VAT-excluded (60 minutes)
  • One-to-One or in a Group (maximum 6 participants)
  • Registering fees are included for any commitment exceeding 20 hours.

For information: a 30-hour contract with 5 participants will only cost 450€ per person (VAT-excluded).

« Pure Coaching »

  • The teacher is required thorough preparation before every session.
  • For such services, we establish a provisional quotation based on the time evaluated to meet your specific request and the amount of preparation involved.
    For information, fees typically reach over 100€ per hour VAT-excluded.
  • If the project is not completed once the time mentioned in the first evaluation is met, a new quotation will be issued to reach the remaining objectives. Research and Coaching will resume after payment is made.

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