Information Technologies – Training Modules

Here is a sample of the training modules we offer (at any level: beginner, intermediate, advanced). Note that some programmes correspond to the requirements of the « Microsoft Office User Specialist » Certification.


  • Understanding the elementary concepts of database management
  • Viewing and structuring the information in a database
  • Using, creating and modifying tables and forms
  • Creating and modifying requests and reports
  • Creating expressions
  • Defining relationships
  • Using the Access Tools: save, page setup, print
  • Using and creating Macros
  • Integrating Microsoft Access with other applications, for instance the Microsoft Office Series
  • Customising and securing a database


  • Working in cells: input, select and modify data
  • Managing files
  • Formatting a table using styles
  • Setting up a page, saving and printing
  • Defining and using the 4 components of a cell
  • Creating formulae with operators and/or functions
  • Drawing and modifying graphics and using objects
  • Auditing a table
  • Using analytical tools: sort, filter, compute subtotals and set up pivot tables
  • Creating links between documents, folders and application
  • Integrating Microsoft Excel with other applications, for instance the Microsoft Office Series: import and export data
  • Using Macros and Help

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