Website Development

Our goal is to design simple, organised and clearly laid-out websites for very affordable fees.


You may often come across badly structured and overloaded websites. We, at Pro-Fit, offer lighter designs based on:

  • A plan defining the characteristics and components of the project
  • Short bullet-point sentences: avoid long and boring texts with complex wording!
  • The implementation of styles (titles, subtitles, paragraphs, etc.) makes it easy and quick for the reader to spot the key concept and understand the content
  • Simplified graphics: so browsing is not slowed down
  • Precise menus and categories
  • A well-known Content Management System: Joomla! It allows for an efficient layout and a rapid publishing.

This site is a good example of the application of these simple guidelines. The proposed web design is specifically adapted to small and medium-sized businesses wishing to make themselves as well as their services known by means of the World Wide Web.


The fees are worked out after first defining with the client a plan adapted to their needs; including for example some of the following:

  • Home Page
  • Personalised Graphics: page background, logos, pictures and figures
  • Article Writing: general presentation, products and services, latest news
  • Page Layout: articles, tables, styles, etc.
  • Linguistic Modules: produce a multilingual site (use our translation and proofreading services)
  • Browsing by menus and by tag clouds (keywords)
  • Contact, search and information request forms
  • Picture Gallery
  • Consulting timetables or events calendars
  • Brochure Download

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You want to learn how to design websites by yourself? Pro-Fit also offers Web Design Training teaching you, in a few hours, how to work on your own and create your first webpage.

Contact us to establish the plan for your new Website!

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