IT – Tuition Organisation and Rates

Tuition Organisation

Our main concern is flexibility and adaptation to your needs. We always remain concerned with your requirements and will deal with any request, whatever the topic or level of training.

  • Sessions on-request: you can start any time throughout the year.
  • Time tables: it will depend on your availability (and the teacher’s).
  • Location: teaching generally takes place on your premises.
  • Number of participants: one-to-one or in a group up to 6 participants.
  • Level: the homogeneity of a group is ensured by a quick test elaborated by Pro-Fit.
  • Duration of the modules:
    Full day (4 sessions of one hour and a half) or half a day (2sessions of one hour and a half)
    A quarter of an hour break after each session (one hour and a half)
    Lunch break for full day modules
    Modules spreading over several days can take place on successive or different dates.
  • Flexibility: the mastered topics will be reviewed quickly while, on the other hand, concepts more important to you and/or requiring more attention will be examined more thoroughly.
  • Advance at your pace: if progress through the material is slower than anticipated and all the concepts requested cannot be covered over the time allocated, we will evaluate how many additional hours are necessary to reach your set objectives.
  • Return on Investment: our goal is to bring a real change in your use of IT to develop much greater efficiency and thus save your time considerably.

For example, a person now reconciles several Excel files in just half a day per month when it used to take 3 days per month before taking our 2-day module. Another person who was only able to input raw data before our course, is now capable of analysing this data and issue synthetic reports, thanks to our solution integrating both the in-house IT system and a customised Access database.


  • All the training courses are adapted to your needs.
  • After evaluating these requirements, we produce a quotation for your module.
  • The fees for a « routine course » are set, for a group, at 800€ per day (VAT-excluded). The registering fees, the eventual preliminary tests (to determine the level of the participants), the exercises given out during the sessions, the travelling expenses of the trainer to Luxembourg-City as well as the certificates handed out are all included.
  • In order not to forget any detail of the course, a notebook recapitulating all the topics and concepts covered can be purchased for 25€.

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