Information Technologies – Training Modules


  • Creating and managing contacts
  • Communicating with Outlook : send, receive and manage emails
  • Using the calendar, the to-do list and the integrated databases
  • Navigating and using Outlook efficiently: print, create views, signatures, rules, manage out-of-office messages and public folders, delegate
  • Sorting, filtering, finding, grouping, deleting, renaming and filing items and documents
  • Integrating Microsoft Outlook with the Microsoft Office Series
  • Using, customizing, testing and distributing forms
  • Working with fields and controls


  • Creating a presentation
  • Dealing with text: input, select, format and modify text
  • Working with visual elements: apply masks and backgrounds
  • Customising a presentation: insert, modify and animate
  • Delivering and printing a presentation
  • Integrating Microsoft PowerPoint with the Microsoft Office Series (for example by incorporating objects, flow charts, tables and Excel graphs)


  • Grasping the basic notions of Project Management
  • Creating a plan for your project
  • Managing the tasks and resources
  • Assigning resources to the tasks
  • Communicating the contents of the project
  • Running and tracking the project
  • Integrating Microsoft Project with the Microsoft Office Series
  • Managing multi-projects
  • Customising Microsoft Project as well as the project itself

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