Information Technologies – Training Modules


  • Creating and modifying drawings, figures, backgrounds, shapes, stencils, layers, templates
  • Connecting diagrams with databases
  • Adding and modifying text
  • Understanding views, toolbars, objects, etc.
  • Aligning, rescaling, positioning, sorting grouping and connecting the created items
  • Integrating Microsoft Visio with the Microsoft Office Series

Visual Basic

  • Computerising the daily tasks
  • Saving, editing and creating multi-tasks Macros
  • Using debugging tools
  • Writing procedures
  • Exploring objects
  • Working with variables
  • Answering user actions
  • Using methods, functions, objects and properties and understanding their scope
  • Using conditional structures « IF and SELECT » and looping structures « FOR and DO »
  • Managing Run Time errors

Web Design

  • Understanding the concept and terminology
  • Introducing web languages: HTML and CSS
  • Creating your first website using a Content Management System
  • Formatting page with styles, paragraphs, backgrounds
  • Inserting links, text, images
  • Working with tables, frames and forms
  • Hosting the website
  • Making your website visible: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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