Web Design – Additional Information


Other aspects of web design depend on the site maintenance and should also be considered for your website quotation as well as contract renewal:

  • Booking your domain name: annual contract
  • Hosting of your website: annual contract
  • Customising your e-mail addresses
  • Updating your web pages
  • Making people aware of your services: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Promotion: Basic Proposition

550€ Tax-excluded:

  • Internet Hosting for the first year
  • Adaptation of an existing template with its styles and layout
  • Simple Graphics: use of an existing logo and basic background (colour or appropriate image)
  • Home Page with Company Presentation: Who are we?
  • 2 Pages for Products and Services: What do we offer?
  • Contact Form
  • Incorporation of Keywords: basic SEO service

Contact Us to draw the project plan for your Website!

If you wish to learn how to elaborate your own web pages, Pro-Fit also offers Training in Web Design. Our modules will get you working on your own and publishing your first webpage in just a few hours.

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